Duty Of Care

All waste produced by your business or within your workplace is regulated by waste legislation. You have a legal responsibility to ensure that you store, transport and dispose of your waste without harm to human health or the environment. This is called your duty of care. To comply with duty of care you must ensure that you:

  • Store and transport your waste appropriately and securely so it does not escape.
  • Check that your waste is transported and handled by people or businesses that are authorised to do so.
  • Complete waste transfer notes (WTNs) to document all waste you transfer and keep them as a record for at least two years.

If your business produces any kind of controlled waste you must comply with the duty of care.

A full duty of care audit trail is maintained for all recycling collections made by Total Recycling Services. All materials received at our facilities pass over a calibrated weigh-bridge. In addition to duty of care waste transfer notes & weigh-bridge tickets we can also provide customised reporting where required. You can download a sample of our Duty of Care Paperwork on this page.