• Environmental charities to benefit from over £1.5 million in payouts after enforcement action by the Environment Agency

    Up to 30 charities and community projects are set to receive payments from UK companies who have broken environmental laws. The money will be spent on projects that will have a positive impact on the environment including river cleaning, native species restocking and investment in parkland.

    A total of 26 Enforcement Undertakings from the EA appear on a list detailing agreed payments ranging from £1500 - £375,000 with 6 companies agreeing to pay 6 figure amounts.

    Northumbrian …

  • ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ Duty Of Care Awareness Campaign

    The ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ campaign aims to inform small to medium sized businesses about the law and of their obligations to comply with the waste duty of care regulations. Research suggests that 56% of UK businesses are not complying with the regulations and 94% of non compliant businesses are small to medium size enterprises.

    The campaign is managed by the Environmental Services Association (ESA) and sponsored by a range of organisations including the Environment Agency ( …

  • Environment Agency crackdown continues on illegal activity

    An press release published on the 10th of January entitled Environment Agency crackdown continues on illegal activity on the .gov website reports that almost £220,000 in fines have been imposed after a number of Environment Agency investigations in the North East targeting both individuals and companies breaking waste and fishing laws.

    25 prosecutions during 2016 for waste offences resulted in total fines of £93,390 and £109,683 in costs were incurred. The convictions …

  • EAC Calls For New Environmental Protection Act Post Brexit

    A recent report produced by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) is appealing to the Government to introduce a new Environmental Protection Act as part of the Article 50 negotiations for Brexit. The report entitled The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum presents the findings of the first of a series of inquiries that the committee will be undertaking as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

    The committee looked at the international, legislative and financial issues that …

  • DEFRA reports fall in UK recycling Rate

    A report published by DEFRA on the 15th December presents new data that shows that the combined recycling and composting rate for waste from UK households was 44.3% in 2015, a 0.6% decline from the 44.9% rate recorded in 2014. This is the first time the UK recycling rate has fell since 2010 and the first time a fall has been seen across England since record keeping began in 2000.

    Cuts to local council's waste management budgets, a fall in organic waste for composting and confusion amongst …

  • European hazardous waste management improving, but its prevention needs attention

    The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently published a report entitled Prevention of hazardous waste in Europe the status in 2015. The report is the third in a series of annual reviews of waste prevention programmes in Europe as stipulated by the Waste Framework Directive.

    The latest review focuses on prevention which is a key priority in the european environmental policies. At a reported 100 million tonnes, hazardous waste accounted for close to 4% of the 2.5 billion tonnes of waste …

  • Happy Christmas from everyone at Total Recycling Services

    Happy Christmas from all the staff at Total Recycling Services.

    As 2016 draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers and suppliers a very happy Christmas. We look forward to continuing our relationships throughout a successful 2017. Happy Christmas from all the staff at Total Recycling Services.

  • EA officers stop & check 60 vehicles carrying waste in an operation in the North East.

    The Environment Agency's Kath Dowling speaks to waste site operator.

    A joint operation by the Environment Agency and the DVLA on the Wednesday 5th October focused upon waste operators in Washington. The vehicles where checked to ensure that they had a valid waste carriers license and the correct paperwork. Checks where also made to ensure that the vehicles were properly maintained and that any waste had been secured to prevent escape.

    Dave O’Toole, Waste Team Leader in the North East, …

  • Coffey queries impact of landfill tax on the rate of recycling

    Defra minister Thérèse Coffey at the conference fringe session.

    Defra minister Thérèse Coffey has questioned the continuing level of impact that the landfill tax has as a driver for increasing recycling rates and whether it is a “sufficient penalty to make a change”.

    The questions were raised during a Conservative party conference organised by by waste and resources firm Suez and the think tank Policy Exchange.

    In addition to questioning the role of …

  • WRAP publishes new recycling guidelines

    A national agreement from the recycling industry on what household items can be recycled.

    New recycling guidelines have been developed with local authorities & waste management service providers and re-processors to tackle confusion in UK households around what items can and cannot be recycled. The guidance presents a national agreement from the recycling industry on what household items can be recycled and how they should be prepared and presented for collection. The objectives of the …