• EA officers stop & check 60 vehicles carrying waste in an operation in the North East.

    The Environment Agency's Kath Dowling speaks to waste site operator.

    A joint operation by the Environment Agency and the DVLA on the Wednesday 5th October focused upon waste operators in Washington. The vehicles where checked to ensure that they had a valid waste carriers license and the correct paperwork. Checks where also made to ensure that the vehicles were properly maintained and that any waste had been secured to prevent escape.

    Dave O’Toole, Waste Team Leader in the North East, …

  • Coffey queries impact of landfill tax on the rate of recycling

    Defra minister Thérèse Coffey at the conference fringe session.

    Defra minister Thérèse Coffey has questioned the continuing level of impact that the landfill tax has as a driver for increasing recycling rates and whether it is a “sufficient penalty to make a change”.

    The questions were raised during a Conservative party conference organised by by waste and resources firm Suez and the think tank Policy Exchange.

    In addition to questioning the role of …

  • WRAP publishes new recycling guidelines

    A national agreement from the recycling industry on what household items can be recycled.

    New recycling guidelines have been developed with local authorities & waste management service providers and re-processors to tackle confusion in UK households around what items can and cannot be recycled. The guidance presents a national agreement from the recycling industry on what household items can be recycled and how they should be prepared and presented for collection. The objectives of the …

  • Waste crime is 'the new narcotics', says Environment Agency chief

    Illegal waste sites look horrible, smell, generate noise and pose a constant risk of fire.

    Waste crime is the new narcotics,” said Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency. “It feels to me like drugs felt in the 1980s: the system hadn’t quite woken up to the enormity of what was going on and was racing to catch up.”

    A recent report from the Guardian estimates that waste crime costs England £1bn a year. A number of recent offences include …

  • ESA outlines vision for UK waste & resource management

    The Environmental Services Association (ESA) recently published a new strategy paper detailing their vision for the reform of the UK’s waste & resource management industry. ESA is the trade association for the UK’s resource and waste management sector.

    The paper entitled “Resourceful: Delivering a strong and Competitive UK Resource Economy “ is a response to a challenge from the Department of Environmental & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to present proposals for …

  • New pollution prevention for businesses guidance published

    On the 12th July 2016 DEFRA & the Environment Agency published new pollution prevention for businesses guidance pages on the .gov.uk website. The guidance focuses upon what the regulations require and what businesses and organisations should do at work to avoid pollution incidents, including the permissions needed to be able to dispose of waste.

    The information is organised into the following categories;

    Polluting substances

    Activities that produce contaminated water

    Correct use …

  • DEFRA publishes revised legal definition of waste guidance

    After feedback received from the cutting red tape review of the waste and recycling sector, the legal definition of waste guidance from the environment has been updated. The guidance located on the .gov.uk website should be used when determining whether a material is waste or not.

    Although there has been no change in the legislation the update includes a restructured simpler version of the guidance that incorporates waste prevention through waste recovery, re-use and the waste hierarchy. …

  • £1 million fine for waste offences

    A UK company Powerday Plc based in South East England has been sentenced for two waste crime offences that resulted in over 17,000 tonnes of waste materials being deposited and stored illegally. Harrow Crown Court ordered the company to pay a fine of £1 million and they agreed to cover additional costs of over £200K incurred by the Environment Agency in their investigation.

    The investigation uncovered two separate offences. The first offence relates to the storage of 14,500 tonnes …

  • Summary of EU landfill tax rates

    Although dated 2015 the following document provides an interesting insight into the landfill taxes paid by each EU Member State. The document shows the countries that have introduced a tax on waste sent to landfills and details how much they pay.

    There is a slight variation regarding the waste types covered by the landfill tax, but overall the variation is not large between countries. Landfill Tax is charged on construction and inert waste, residues, hazardous waste and biodegradable waste. …

  • Operation rogue trader

    As part of a crime prevention initiative, a co-ordinated approach by the Department of Work and Pensions, Environment Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, the DVLA, the DVSA, Border Force and Scambusters was implemented to catch rogue traders and protect innocent members of the public being victims of crime. On the 13th April 2016 over 200 road side checks of vehicles and site visits were carried out.

    The joint operation is ran by Operation Liberal, the national intelligence unit (whose remit …