The official opening of our chemical drum decontamination and recycling plant.  

We are pleased to officially announce the opening of our chemical drum decontamination plant. We commissioned Challenger to install the equipment in our hazardous waste management facility to facilitate the recycling of plastic drums. The drum recycling process is achieved via the decontamination unit and a plastic shredding and granulation plant. Empty drums are decontaminated through a bespoke washing plant then shredded and granulated for recycling.

The plant was custom designed and built to our specification. It includes a range of bespoke equipment & significantly reduces the potential impact on staff handling of drums and the environment. Use of the plant Increases the potential to comply with the waste hierarchy and provides a genuine recovery route for containers that formally contained chemicals. The service is primarily used for empty hazardous drums with minimal residues.

Enquiries can be arranged through our normal hazardous waste booking system and a trial can be arranged for your waste requirements. Please contact the office for further information.