Environment Agency visit businesses in an operation to tackle environmental pollution

A recent exercise by the Environment Agency to tackle environmental pollution resulted in identification of an Environmental pollution violation, a potential illegal waste site and a business that was illegally burning cardboard.

The visits took place on the Swan Industrial Estates and NEP Business Park in Tyne & Wear. Officers from the EA inspected waste transfer notes, looked at drainage and the storage of waste materials and oils.

Environment Agency officer Katherine Dowling led the investigation and commented that on the whole most businesses were operating in line with the regulations.

“It was a very useful and successful exercise. We’re working hard to raise awareness and ensure businesses are following their duty of care responsibilities, including making sure any waste they produce is handled responsibly and legally.”

“This helps minimise the impact on communities and the environment that we all enjoy. It was pleasing to find that most businesses we visited are aware of and operating in line with the regulations.”

Katherine Dowling - Environment Agency Officer

The operation was in response to regular reports from residents of noise, litter and odour originating from the industrial estate. The officers specifically looked at non-waste producers to assess their contribution to pollution in the area. General guidance on rats, litter, noise and odour was also provided.

Follow up work from the investigation will result in all businesses receiving a letter reminding them of their duty to comply with the legislation and to ensure that any waste is collected and disposed of using a registered and licensed waste management contractor.


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