Growth of manufacturing industry in Teesside delivers success for Total Recycling Services

TOTAL RECYCLING SERVICES is celebrating further success with significant growth and creation of jobs in its newly established industrial cleaning services division.

Alex Foreman, managing director said: “Total Recycling Services started as a waste company but we had so many requests from businesses to help them with their industrial cleaning, that we added the new division and created 3 new jobs.

Our region has always had a strong petrochemical heritage but we're now seeing a rise in engineering, life sciences and healthcare industries too. It's an exciting time for the North East."

Increased risk of accidents

The growth of the chemical and manufacturing sectors in the region has also increased the risk of workplace accidents, with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reporting five fatal injuries to workers across the North East in 2016.

The HSE also reported an increase in workplace fatalities in 2015/16 across the UK, with a total of 30 deaths in the last five years. More recently in East Anglia, a man's firm was fined £50,000 after his son died trying to clean a grain storage tank.

Foreman commented: “Legislation varies from sector to sector, but if you are a manufacturer, it is important to keep your staff safe and keep your equipment functioning optimally. For example, if a tank breaks down, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned by a waste management specialist so it can be repaired.”

Tees Valley plans to grow

The Tees Valley Strategic Economic Plan aims to deliver 2,000 new businesses and increase the North East economy by 18.5% over the next ten years.

These ambitious plans coincide with more businesses moving to the area. Sirius Minerals aims to generate 2,500 jobs over the next few years and MGT Power is bringing 700 jobs. In addition, established companies are growing too, with the likes the Hitachi train manufacturing stating is growth ambitions for its plant in Newton Aycliffe.

Foreman concluded: "The growth in the region is fantastic news and the majority of businesses have recognised they have a need for industrial cleaning, but there is still uncertainty on what they need to do comply with specific legislation. In response, we're offering no-obligation advice for businesses that need assistance.”