RENOLIT goes Zero to become a Recycling Hero

A Cramlington-based plastics manufacturer is celebrating increased savings and a zero to landfill certification thanks to its partnership with Total Recycling Services.


RENOLIT Cramlington Limited is part of a German-based international plastics manufacturer with sites across Europe, Asia and the USA. As a manufacturer of films for interior decorations RENOLIT Cramlington Limitedproduces over 2,000 Tonnes of waste every year, including PVC, Polymers, Acrylic Film and cardboard and plastic packaging.


Since working with Total Recycling Services, RENOLIT Cramlingtion Limited has seen an increase in savings on recycling costs and has more than doubled its recycling rebates.


Caroline Brown, Safety Environmental Coordinator at RENOLIT Cramlington Limited, who oversees all environmental and waste procedures on site, said: "As a company, RENOLIT tries to reuse as much materials as possible across our many international sites. Each of which specialise in the production of different plastics.


"Where RENOLIT can't reuse a material, we trust in Total Recycling Services to handle it. By working with Total, we can now proudly say we are a Zero to Landfill company.


"Although the saving is very welcome, the biggest advantage for us was the different philosophy about waste, which got us thinking differently. 


"This has turned out to be good preparation for the roll-out of the Group's "RENOLIT Goes Circular" waste reduction initiative, something with which Total are supporting us in Cramlington."


RENOLIT Cramlington and Total Recycling Services have been working together since 2013 after being invited to tender by the plastics manufacturer.


Caroline said: "Initial contact was made by Total's Commerical Director Sue Woodward a year prior. After making a great impression, Total was asked to tender once our current contract had come to an end.  The impression we garnered of Total was brilliant. We liked the fact that it is a friendly company, allowing for a very personable service."


"We know that we will always receive a prompt response from our account manager and with them being a North East-based company we know that we can always visit the site for Audits. Something we've done regularly. Each time being impressed by what we see.


"The main thing we have seen from working with Total is the enthusiasm of everyone involved. Waste isn't an exciting field by any means but the feeling we get from Total's staff is they are passionate about what they do.


"They have shown this enthusiasm by undertaking training with our members of staff and informing us how to effectively and efficiently dispose of our waste fully informing our team from MD to the floor.


"At the end of the day, it comes down to the service which we're provided with. This is why we renewed our contract. From our perspective we have the confidence in Total to offer us support and advice whenever we need it. We hope things will continue successfully between us and wish Total success."

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