UK Waste and Recycling News Round Up - October 2018

Welcome to Octobers monthly news round up. This month we are sharing articles on a range of waste management topics including an update from the Department of Rural Affairs (Defra) who are in the final stages of preparing to release their long awaited Resources and Waste Strategy. Other stories in this months round up include details of an investigation into unreported WEEE waste and the Environment Agency teaming up with Ebay to tackle illegal vehicle breakers.

DEFRA provide an update on the pending release of the Resources and Waste Strategy

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are in the final stages of preparing their long awaited Waste & Resources Strategy. Conservative MP Therese Coffey outlines some of the expected changes in the strategy including an overhaul of the waste packaging regulations in order to stimulate the secondary market for local councils who will be able to sell more material directly. Coffey, commented "I think that if we can get it out by the end of November, that will be a good outcome".


Environment Agency releases waste data from sites across England with environmental permits

The Environmental Agency has released data for the wastes accepted and removed from sites across England with environmental permits for waste management activities. The data reports on: landfill inputs and capacity, transfer input, treatment inputs, incineration inputs and capacity, metal recycling inputs, disposal in or on land inputs and use of waste inputs. Information on the management of hazardous wastes and the number of sites is also included.


Treatment firms' warning over unreported WEEE waste

An investigation into the increasing number of unreported goods to producer compliance schemes (PSCs) is being backed by a lobby group of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) processing companies. Since 2008, there has been a difference of 7.6 million tonnes between WEEE waste officially collected and the amount of household equipment placed on the market which in some cases may be down to illegal treatment or export. The UK missed its 2017 WEEE collection target for PCSs to collect 622,033 tonnes.


Government implements clinical waste contingency plans

Due to a backlog of materials scheduled for incineration, the government is introducing plans to deal with clinical waste from the NHS right across England. A number of departments, including the Cabinet Office, the NHS Improvement team and the Environment Agency have been meeting to discuss the issue with secretary of state Michael Gove being briefed on the topic. The Environment Agency is also believed to be taking action on a company seen to be in breach of its environmental permits at various sites.


EA joins forces with eBay to stop illegal vehicle breakers

E-commerce site, eBay, is joining forces with the Environmental Agency to tackle the issue of illegal car breakers who use the site to trade. The partnership will act to inform the public about parts from illegal traders and will encourage legitimate traders to display their environmental permit number to reassure purchasers. Sellers on eBay are also being advised to display their permit number, or the name of the sites where they source the parts they are selling in order to reassure purchasers that they are buying from a legal dealer.


Haulier to pay £70,000 for violating environmental permit

Nottingham Magistrates Court has fined waste transfer company Colson Transport Limited, and its owner, Ryan Colson, to the sum of £70,000 after it was found to be in breach of its environmental permit over a 19-month period. It is thought to have had led from increased waste processing which caused dust to escape from site and the development of odour problems which had a significant impact on the lives of local residents. In addition, Mr Colson had stored combustible waste on site.